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PT. Roxmon Indonesia has several subsidiaries that I have to manage. With HUMANIS, I find it very helpful because it makes it easier for me to control many companies through one dashboard. For Payrolls, I also feels greatly helped by the Auto Payroll Bank Disbursement feature that has complied with BCA, which we use for payroll accounts.

Jimmy PerdanaGeneral Manager, PT. Roxmon Indonesia

HUMANIS helps my employees to clock-in and clock-out without having to come to the office first because most of my employees have to be in the field frequently to monitor the ongoing delivery process. But with HUMANIS, I can still monitor their attendance and location, because I can view detailed attendance reports through HUMANIS dashboard.

Noval MubarakDirektur, PT. Forimex Global Indonesia

HUMANIS has really helped me to run my company better and efficiently. My HR division feels very helped by the feature to transfer employees without changing the initial data. And the submission feature is also very helpful, it makes it easier for employees to process applications such as submitting permits, loans and reimbursements without filling in manual forms, which helps too in reducing paper waste.

Tjhia HasanDirektur, PT. Keystone Indonesia

My business is project-based, HUMANIS helps me in managing employees because of its very complete features, from attendance that can be done using each cellphone, to adding a large number of employee data with the import method using Excel, being able to transfer employees without having to change initial data, calculation of salaries and overtime which can be adjusted to company regulations. Thank you HUMANIS for helping us in managing our HR Division.

Sosio SilaputraDirektur, PT. Eproco Mepi Indonesia

With HUMANIS, it makes it easier for me to supervise employees with features such as shown on the attendance menu, where I can see work schedules, shift schedules, employee overtime and employees who are present and absent. The overtime calculation has also been updated with UU No. 13 Tahun 2003 or it can also be adjusted according to company policy.

Henny IsnaeniDirektur, PT. Meco Arta Indonesia

HUMANIS's interface is very easy to use and very easy to understand by everyone. Each employee can immediately check their personal data such as salary slips, paid leave allowances, submitting reimbursements, submitting permits, applying for loans, etc. It makes it easier for my employees to process applications without having to fill out manual forms so that they can be processed faster, easier and more efficiently.

JunihoProcurement Manager, PT. Piping System Indonesia

My company is a relatively new, so we don't have a special tax staff yet. HUMANIS really helps in calculating employee pph with the pph calculator feature. And with HUMANIS, I can control the approval of various submissions digitally replacing manual forms, which is of course very helpful in a WFH situation like this.

Trifena JuwitaOperational Manager, PT. Online Agency Indonesia

HUMANIS, very helpful in the attendance of our staff who working remotely / wfh as well as monitoring staff working time, very helpful for staff to submit the applications, such as application for permits, reimbursement, etc directly. Thank you HUMANIS!

Fitri HandayaniHead of Operational & Marketing, PT. Dotcom Indonesia